XIAOMI HUOHOU HU0045 Sharpen Stone Whetstone Knife Sharpeners Tool Grindstone Kitchen

  • High Quality Grinding Wheel
  • ABS Resin
  • Diamond Rough Grinding Wheel
  • Ceramic Meticulous Grinding Wheel
  • Suction Cup Design


Description :

– High Quality Grinding Wheel 
Uses a high-quality grinding wheel, Rough / Meticulous Grinding can be achieved, sharp sharpening, very sharp

– ABS Resin
Adopts high standard ABS resin material, which has the comprehensive performance of PB, PAN and PS. It has strong impact resistance, high safety, light weight, non-toxic and easy to clean.

– Diamond Rough Grinding Wheel 
The diamond grinding wheel is a special effect tool for grinding high-hard and brittle materials such as cemented carbide. It has the characteristics of high abrasive holding strength, long life and low wear

– Ceramic Meticulous Grinding Wheel 
The ceramic grinding wheel has the characteristics of stability, heat resistance, water resistance and high strength. Its high precision can effectively eliminate the burr of the k-nife edge and smooth the blade grinding, making it sharp

– Suction Cup Design
Adopts suction cup design, which can be attached to the tabletop with one push, is very safe, and effectively avoids accidental injury caused by improper operation.

Specification :

Brand HUOHOU ( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
Model HU0045
Material ABS + Stainless Steel
Color Black
Weight 110g
Size 13.8 x 7.2 x 3.9 cm













Package Content

  • 1 x HUOHOU Sharpen Stone