Description :

XIAOMI Ceramic Knife Set 4 Pieces Origional Huo Hou Nano Technology Environmental Protection 
-1.It’s made of Australian zircon sand
-2.Using the high temperature ‘ Vacuum Carburizing ’ technology
-3.More environmentally friendly and safer
-4.Japan’s vertical grinding technology
-5.It’s farewell to hurt and more save effort by using ergonomic design principles

Specification :

Brand HUHOU (Xiaomi Coorperation Brand)
Material  Ceramic
Color Black
Net Weight 435g
Size 8 Inch
6 Inch
4 Inch
5  Inch Peeler

Attention :

-Do not cut frozen foods and hard objects such as bones and crabs
-Do not wash in the dishwasher, wash with water detergent, dry naturally
-Do not sharpen your cutter yourself. Prevent the cutter from falling from a height so as to avoid missing corners, bumps or breaks
-Keep out of reach of children and prevent accidents

Package Includes :

1 x 8 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 6 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 4 Inch Ceramic Knife
1 x 5 Inch Peeler