The maximum you can get from a vacuum sealer, suitable for home, professional and hunting/fishin­g usage
  • Powered by a double pump with a commercial 18 lt/min capacity, makes for easier air extraction from larger bags and containers
  • Full control on pump speed with a specific setting, so to manage even delicate food
  • Specific cycle for marinating food in just 12 minutes, compared to several hours needed in normal conditions (to be matched with 2.5 lt Magic Vac® original executive container)
  • Professional sealing bar with heat sink and with ActiSeal3D: the machine automatically extends or shortens the sealing time based on sealing bar condition, therefore always the best and constant seal quality to your bags
  • Patented illuminated window allows the user to correctly position the bag on the vacuum chamber
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Colour: Copper
  • Weight: 4.98Kg
  • Country of Origin: Italy