XiaoMi小米 – YUNMAI Meavon fascial gun Gray CHS 雲麥每物按摩筋膜槍深空灰

XiaoMi小米 – YUNMAI Meavon fascial gun Gray CHS 雲麥每物按摩筋膜槍深空灰

XiaoMi小米 – YUNMAI Meavon fascial gun Gray CHS 雲麥每物按摩筋膜槍深空灰


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Xiaomi Meavon Smart Double Mode Fascia Gun

Product Parameters

Product name: Every thing intelligent dual-mode fascia gun

Product weight: 0.8KG

Intensity gear: 5 dual intelligent modes

Operating environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃

Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery

Executive standard: GB4706

Common Problem -What is a fascia gun? What is the use? Before understanding the fascia gun, you need to know what is “fascia”. The fascia is like a large net that wraps the musculoskeletal and internal organs. Exercise or poor posture will cause it to break and damage, resulting in adhesive joints, resulting in muscle pain and weakness, causing human discomfort. With Meavon, every fascia gun can be stimulated by strong and high-frequency vibrations, reaching deep into the muscles, promoting blood circulation, combing muscle adhesions, relaxing stiff and tight muscle groups, and driving away the pain and fatigue caused by exercise. To restore the body. -What is the intelligent frequency conversion dual mode? Meavon’s fascia guns are based on maintaining the core’s massage intensity of 1800-3200 rpm, and innovatively add two frequency conversion modes of “soothing and relaxing” and “deep massage” to simulate traditional massage techniques, strong and weak. Deepen step by step, gradually and gradually relax the sore muscles, easily adapt to the needs of different people, so that you can enjoy a professional massage experience at home. -How long can it be charged once? Meavon puts a high-performance lithium battery with a capacity of up to 2900mAh in each fascia gun. It can be used continuously for about 14 hours in daily 1 mode, calculated according to daily massage

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name:Xiaomi
  • Size:Medium
  • Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
  • Model Number:Meavon
  • Application:Body
  • Product name:Meavon intelligent dual-mode fascia gun
  • Product weight:0.8KG
  • Intensity gear:5 dual intelligent modes
  • Operating environment:0 ~ 40 ℃
  • Power supply:rechargeable lithium battery
  • Executive standard:GB4706

Additional information

Dimensions 10.9 × 27.6 × 41.1 cm


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