The Australian stain remove that succeeds where all the others have failed!

This multi-purpose stain remover is incredibly compact and portable, a saviour in removing stains from clothing, furniture, carpets and other fabrics.

100 % biodegradable, compact and portable, the EXIT Soap Stain Remover is a safe and very effective mutli-purpose stain remover suitable for removing a wide range of stains caused by blood, biro pens, boot polish, grease, lipstick, red wine and many other household stains.

The active ingredient in Exit Soap is a by-product of the citrus juice industry and is a natural substitute for most other organic solvents, this results in a safe yet very effective stain removing soap. Due to its natural properties, it’s also safe to use on most household items including furniture like chairs and lounges, clothing, suits and many other surfaces without causing damage, unlike other stain removers that have harsher and bleaching chemicals.

Set in a pure vegetable soap base and enhanced with a blend of secret ingredients EXIT’s natural cleaning power can dissolve the most stubborn of stains, including grease!


  • Effectively removes biro, ink, permanent marker, blood, red wine and many other tough stains
  • Works great on shirts, suits, lounges, carpets and other materials
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Set in a pure vegetable soap base
  • Natural active ingredient, won’t harm fabrics
  • Australian made